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Terms & Conditions

I put this here because we live in a strange time with a lot of blame, and lack of accountability; I need you to understand the nature of readings and healing as they are, "spiritual" non-scientific. Regardless of my personal belief or practice, you agree that regardless of any facts or illuminations I, Scott K Smith, am a health educator, massage therapist, reiki master, Witch, and artist not a licensed medical professional; I am not a substitute for a doctor or medical practitioner, nor am I considered or licensed as an equivalent. Magick shifts probability it doesn’t do the work for you, and sometimes the probability has been settled and you need a doctor or professional.  

I am not a miracle worker.

I am spiritually driven, magickally minded, artist, healer and Witch with an array of tools and skills in the creative, intuitive, and magickal. You understand that my services here, with Scott K Smith, at is for contemplative practices, and in all instances where a doctor, therapist or other  medical/psychological "licensed" professional should be consulted first. I am not liable for your health, however deeply invested, and support you being or becoming responsible for your own health choices. You understand that ultimately no angel or psychic advice usurps your own ability, which I encourage you to tap into, listen to, and heed. In any event where you may need professional assistance, I am happy to point to licensed professionals where I have access or connections to assist you on your journey. 

I am not a medical therapist. My services cannot be listed as "health services." Should you wish to include my services in your yearly taxes you can include them as pastoral, religious, or ministerial.

All incenses, smudges, essences, oils and other magickal products are not for medical uses. Please use responsibly as some contain elements that smoke and burn. Essences contain alcohol. You are liable and responsible for your own use of these products. We are not. If you have questions about their use please send an email.

Purchasing our products you agree to take full responsibility for their use and agree  to "hold harmless" Scott K Smith |

Useful numbers:

  • Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 / Trevor Text: send START to “678678”

  • National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255

  • Medical Emergency (USA): Dial 911