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We are currently in a second phase of learning meditation at the subscriber site. Explore breath-work, tension, soft-belly breathing, guided visualization, alignment, and more...


My meditation programs take place in simple ritualized moments and can grow organically into deeper spaces. Meditation as a contemplative practice through simple ritual can open us up creatively, nurture our emotional awareness, increase our sense of peace through connection and purpose, and more.

My meditation services have been featured and created communities at local shoppes and spaces around SoCal, and online via virtual groups.

Meditation 1-on-1 Consultation - Email for more information or to set up an appointment

  • Meditation Instruction 1-on-1 Learning or creating your own practice- $40.00 hour, 1 hour min.

  • Guided Visualization, Group - $20.00 hour per participant, minimum of 2 participants, sliding scale.

  • Ongoing Meditation Instruction, “daily meditations” via our subscription site.

Meditation Programs

I have the training and access to several methods of meditation through recorded audio programs, in addition to my own methods. These vary in price, time, and the systems are different and lead to different states of consciousness.

  1. Light Body Activation, is spread out over many months, and

  2. Clear Channeling

  3. Divine Will - Accessing the Seven Rays

  4. Esoteric or Witchcraft Based practice Meditations and Journeys

  5. Neo-Shamanic Journey Meditation Techniques

  6. Rune, Tarot, and Oracles Journey workings

  7. Western Esoteric Kabbalah path-working (1-year)

For more information please contact me to discuss.

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