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One of my gifts is Guiding. I show up for people who are navigating healing journeys, life changes, and creative transformations. I have walked with people out of industries and into their own personal businesses, into successful creative writing positions, through the life-endings and helped to ground them into new beginnings. Sessions combine experience, intuition, psychic ability and conversations where we unpack your life-direction and use my skills and connections to open the way for you. I guide you through the process in a series of sessions, which we agree upon first, over a period of time, to help you land where your soul-body is calling.

Consult = Wisdom

Coaching and consulting work comes in many forms, my method is based on intuition aligned with my highest purpose, psychic ability, capacity to hold space and communication between you, I, and our Spirit Teams.

The consult is a conversation and a reading all rolled into one, with a Spirit driven directive to tease out purpose and direction.

Therapy or work = love

Whether your goal is a healing journey, or a creative action on such as new life direction, or refining your practice as is, the work is the substantive part of our time.

In healing this can look like physical, energetic and magickal healing sessions. In creative endeavors or life shifts this can be table time with energy, and can often include guided imagery, ritual work, and other esoteric practices to crystalize the work.

Action = power

The goal is to give you a take away that can be put into action in you life.

Meditations, directions, methods in your personal practice such as writing, and real-world follow ups are diagnosed and given throughout the sessions, and used as catalysts to create the change you desire in your life, and return points during check-ins between sessions.

This is your work you do, that lands your vision in the world.


  • 90 minutes, $150

  • 3 or more booked in advance, $125 each

Depending on your goals I can adjust time, price and frequency. On average clients see me once a month, with a check-in between, for creative and life-shift goals. Healing issues may require more frequent visits, healing therapies, hospital time, and the like, and I work with you to meet those times and goals.

Let me walk with and guide

I have a great skill-set that is both practical and spiritual.

Although I cannot divulge clients, I have worked with great success with many different types of people and situations. Writers in television and movies, content creators, the realization of online-stores, brick and mortar shops, death and life passages such as transitions in relationships, trauma and healing. Over two-decades of work have come together to create these refined spaces that I have been practicing in professionally. Let’s talk.

We start with a 30 minute consult to see if I am the right fit for you.

More on Sessions

Check out this video for more details on Sessions, how I combine intuition, psychic ability, inquiry, interview, and therapy for you.

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