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Magickal Reiki 3 - Master Class

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Magickal Reiki 3 - Master Class

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Magickal Reiki 3 - Master Class


Step into becoming the Reiki in this method of spirit and healing communication. Start the journey on your master class in life.

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Please note that I reserve the right to teach this class to those who have demonstrated a level of excellence in their Reiki practice. Do not purchase this class without setting up a discussion with Scott to understand how we will, and can develop your master training course.

Every Life is a Master Class.

Master Training not only covers the "how-to's" of Reiki and attunements, method and protocols. It also explores our own nature, and the deep spirit and gratitude at the heart of Reiki.

Over a 6 month period...

  • Learn esoteric techniques for connecting to the light beings behind Reiki

  • Delve your shadow and mend the deep wounds to become a true light bearer

  • Explore deeper, magickal, techniques and expand your practice

  • Design your method and classes

  • Become the Reiki Master you were meant to be.

These are one-on-one classes with Scott K Smith, only. 
Schedule any time to begin. 
Group rate's are available with Scott for 4 or more.