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Light Body Activation - Building Your Power Base

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Light Body Activation - Building Your Power Base


Light Body Activation - Building Your Power Base


1-5 people

This 4-hour introductory workshop training and activation lights up the first, base, light body centers in the Luminescence system. This is channeled material, tradition specific, with educational prompts and teaching by Scott K Smith.

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Awakening Your Light Body (AYLB) is a profound consciousness shift in the way we live, in the way we handle energy and our practices, and in the way we relate to one another.

You and up to 5 friends will experience Volume 1 of AYLB. We build the Power Base and create the stability necessary to start to take in more light into our lives.

What is light?

Consciousness. The radiance of the Secret Sun. The eternal transmission, and seed of life within all things.

In Volume 1 we will:

  • Activate two energetic centers and learn how to use them

  • Bring more light into our lives and learn about creating flow within the emotional body

  • Explore Sub-Personalities and see how they intersect and impact our lives

  • Engage in Age Regression, Self-Healing, and Emotional Release

  • Meet and custom ourselves to a flow of higher, refined light

  • Journey to the Temple of The Masters and receive attunement

What you need to begin

A steady, regular, meditation practice will give you a robust start. The ability to navigate very deep spaces while remaining conscious is key. A familiarity with an energy practice is suggested and will help a lot, but is not required.

A strong alignment with the principles of transforming our own personal consciousness, our energy, our light and life to create change in ourselves; and so make changes in the world by becoming more fully-conscious beings aligned with the heart, and the higher mind.

Openness to a very different system of energy work. Receptivity to channelled information. Willingness to look at your own self and be transparent to your own evolution.

Class Notes

We can build this class from my space, or yours if you have a good blue tooth sound-system in a one-day 5 hour workshop. We can also build this class in two, 3-hour programs, during any two consecutive weeks.

Fee: $150, includes digital download material (requires sign up through Luminescence) and personalized teaching
Purchasing all classes at once? Add to cart and enter code: AYLB6 and receive 20% off your entire order! Please note you will be required to set a schedule over the next 3-6 months that includes all class dates!


  • Avoid intense emotional situations at least int he 24 hours prior to the class

  • Avoid all meat 24 hours before class, and day of

  • We allow for morning coffee day of, please be moderate

  • Cleanse: Shower, salt-bath, dry-brushing or energetic clearing before is appropriate

  • Please bring any required necessities for your comfort, dietary needs, and ability

  • No synthetic scents. No meat

  • Water, and tea, and snacks (vegan, gluten free) are available during the day

  • Phones permitted but no electronic recording, no photos, kept away during class. Checking phones during break is acceptable

Accessibility notes:

There is a small dog, cat, and fish in the house! We are a queer, mixed home, pagan/magickal, and offer safe space.

There are only two designated parking spaces for our unit the rest is street parking. Our neighborhood is a safe neighborhood for street parking, with multi-generational families.

There is one step-up into my home.

Bathroom on premise, kitchen is available for use