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New Online Booking!


New Online Booking!

Scott K Smith


I made things easier for us all. I’ve worked with Squareup to create an online booking system for you and me. I still take appointments through my usual means, and I have easy access, with reminders and notifications set up at Square.

If you are a new or existing client you can still book through Healing Services, Readings, and now Meditation. Each page is linked to the booking system, and you can also click here.


Additionally, I have had such a great response from the holiday Gratitude Discount, I continue to offer a session per week at that rate. You can email me to see the availability of a reading or Reiki session at the low price of $50.


Subscribers at the Devotional Level on Patreon also get 1-appointment per month, does not carry over, that they can use for Reiki or Reading, or gift to someone else.

You can subscribe to Patreon here.

I also work with disabled, retired, and fixed income individuals. I cannot accept insurance but I can have a conversation to see what works for you.


I offer table and tent space at events with an hourly business rate for schools, such as AMDA where I am at every year, businesses, organizations and events. Please contact me for rates and availability.

Thank you for an awesome 2018, I think this year we’re really going to take it to a new level.


Scott K Smith
(please not promotional opportunities)