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Reiki with the National Holistic Institute (Studio City)


Reiki with the National Holistic Institute (Studio City)

Scott K Smith

Are you a student with the National Holistic Institute? 

As a massage therapist and alumni, and by the invitation of the Studio City staff of NHI, I will be offering Reiki classes on campus! Our first class is scheduled for April 15th, 2018. There is however only one spot left, but we're looking to coordinate future events!

Coordinated by Amanda Hook we're looking at future classes in Reiki, an energy method that hugs your massage practice. 

These workshops are different in that we will model massage in conjunction with Reiki. In addition to a certificate of completion and the ability to pass the Reiki energy you will also learn method for your current and future massage practice. Methods you can use in spas, with private clients, as stand alone methods and integrative practices. 

In addition to standard Reiki treatment protocols you will also learn technique from Scott, a Reiki practitioner with over 2 1/2 decades of energy healing experience, and five years in the massage world. 

If you are a student and interested in the practice please connect with your teacher at the Studio City campus! 

National Holistic Institute Studio City
10969 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
 (818) 788-0824
Connect with Amanda Hook

Are you interested in a Reiki certification process for your school or institution? Are you interested in Reiki for yourself, or a group of friends? 

Scott K Smith offers classes and workshops in Reiki, alone, and lovingly crafted with Stephanie Syd Yang of Blue Jaguar Healing Arts. Please connect below to discuss your Reiki future in healing. 

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