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On Magick, Health, Healing, Ritual, Energy, and Spirit. Dedicated to the Gods in all of us,


Scott is a Healer, Writer, Teacher, and High Priest. Scott's work combines the esoteric + magickal arts of various studies in mystery traditions, a large body of private and public work ranging from healing, ritual, art, speaking and crafting, for liberation. The length of history that Scott has been working spans over 25 years and these are small mentions over many projects, cooperative events, and more.


Scott’s work is primarily traditional crafts in chalk, pen and ink, and mixed-media, and collage with various materials. Their work is entirely self-taught with influences from small local teachers and friends crafting works for private buyers, spirit pieces for spiritual-magickal growth, and award winning designs for such organizations as the Southern California Red Cross Blood Services where one of his pieces remains on public display today; charity events such as the Best Friends Animal Network, Children of the Night; magazines such as the White Crane Journal, and various online mediums for healing, and other interests. Current projects include writing (below) and a series of Rune pieces for an over-time Rune class and study via Patreon.

Most of his past work is available for viewing on the official Facebook Page under photos (illustrations, mixed media, etc).


Scott has worked as a healer with Reiki and energy work practices, crystals, stones, grids, spell, ritual and other mediums since 1994. Over the decades including work within the circle, pagan gatherings, integrating light body techniques into energy practices, mediumship of healing spirits, and the keying of specific mixed-mediums of practices for wellness ends. Events such as psychic fairs, Reiki Gatherings, community healings, and the like have been created, hosted and/or joined by Scott such as Solstice and Equinox events, in and outdoor gatherings, healing circles, Reiki shares, intensives, private healing sessions and long term healing guidance and care. Scott is practicing Witch, Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher (1994, 95, and 2002), Awakened Light Body (2010-13), Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator (2013). Scott has been present for baby blessings, working with dogs and pets, life-transitions, pre and post-op surgery support (spiritual and energetic), hospice support, death-and-dying, life transitions, divorces, moves, cancers, HIV/AIDS healing support, and so much more. Other events have included: AMMA staff healing and massage; Best Buddies Ride, San Luis Obispo, Reiki Healing Classes since 2003 - present; QUEER CARE LA; APAIT Holiday Event; psychic and healing fairs across California.

Scott’s Reiki Teachers are Cheryl Coleman (passed) and Claudia McGregor (International Reiki Healing Association), and a private teacher in 2002. Although the lineage is through the William Lee Rand we do not certify through his organization, and use the lineage only as a link to the craft. California and most states do not recognize an 'official’ certification in Reiki, by a certificate with a teacher who has lineage is often sufficient as proof, such as a certificate with Scott K Smith.


Scott has been in and or practicing magick, and choosing Witchcraft and Magick as a Spiritual Growth path since 1986 when they identified themselves as a magickal person. In 1989 he met a local craft person in Newark California, and through her store Mystic Gems, he met many wonderful names in the Pagan and New Age community receiving guidance, studying, or learning from man luminaries. In 2014 Scott committed to a more formal study with the Temple of Witchcraft, completing that primary training as a Witch, and became a High Priest in 2019. He is currently working within the Temple as a Teacher (Witchcraft 2, online), and part of various other internal study-groups and exploratory committees. Until ordination with the Temple Scott’s work is officiated with the Church of Spiritual Humanism for weddings, and like.

Witchcraft is a path of spiritual growth and exploration through knowledge, discovery, trial and error, and relationship with the living world of plants, animals, stone, star and spirits. Scott’s work is focused on heart-centered awakened knowledge, community tolerance, and building spaces with students and other groups to create solid magickal based practices, real magick and ritual.

Scott founded Temple Los Angeles in 2015 as a local, alternative magickal learning resource, community building new pagan/magick portal


Most of Scott’s writing has been in the form of personal and professional (internal documents and advertising) at organizations and companies. He wrote a Reiki manual that has been used for many years, and then re-wrote that manual with Stephanie Syd Yang; and contributed to the anthology Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral, by Eric Dupree. Scott has assisted with scripts and stories by helping to weave magickal language into story.

Currently Scott is completing a book on creating a magickal practice, creating a dedicated magickal-meditation that translates for you, the user, into a viable technology to navigate most modern magickal practices; an updated Reiki manual set with more esoteric, grounded, foundation; and various small volumes are to come on spell-work, animism, building relationships with spirits, and more.

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