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Home of Scott K Smith, Magick Maker
On Magick, Health, Healing, Ritual, Energy, and Spirit. Dedicated to the Gods in all of us,

What I Teach

SCOTT K SMITH - 213.254.5302 / EMAIL

Please note that all of our classes and events are "safe spaces" for all women, Queer, LGBT, Trans folk, people of color, and men. 


What I teach

My approach to any of these subjects is to cultivate mindfulness, consciousness, and cooperative love, wisdom, and power. When we are living consciously and acting with respect to the world around us, us and everything in it, when we see that life is animistic and speaking to us, we move into a place of true living. 

  • Altars & Sacred Space (known as Altars of the Elements as seen at the Crystal Matrix)
  • Channeling / Spirit Guide Contact
  • Divine Will techniques & other Upper world magicks and meditation
  • Sacred Land Mysteries: Green Man, Goddess and Wheel of the Year
  • Grief and Support Groups
  • Light Body Technique "Awaken Your Light Body"
  • Magick Making in various forms 
  • Meditation & Community Meditation Spaces (Satsang/Spirit)
  • Meditation Repurposing Ego (originally crafted with Stephanie Syd Yang)
  • Practical Reiki series
  • Reiki as system of magickal and spiritual growth and in depth detail of mudras, to symbols to deities of the Reiki system. 
    • Reiki 1 and 2 with Stephanie Syd Yang at least twice a year each, and
    • Reiki Master training, one-on-one basis 4-6 months. In depth, certificate, and personalized teaching on the how-to's and developing your method and Reiki connection. 
  • Reiki Shares 
  • Tarot and Divination Practices
  • Vessel Magick
  • Witchcraft 1, 2, and 3 based on personal ritual work and training in the Temple of Witchcraft. History, love, protection and defense, energy systems, neo-pagan and neo-shamanic practices, circle, ritual, spell-work, and most importantly the deepening of magick that is meditation + energy work + relationships with the sacred, spirit, divine. 
  • I am available for private coaching, or group events. I love panels, I've spoken at colleges on LGBTQI issues and life, at Gay Pride Events, groups, weddings, and more. 

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