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Zoom Readings


Zoom Readings


All the information of a divination and oracle reading during a scheduled video conference via the ZOOM application for computer and/or smart technology. 

For more information visit: Consulting and Divination

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Who's Zoomin Who?

Join me from the comfort of your own home as we engage in some great session. 

Zoom* readings are 1 1/2 hours and include:

  1. Live reading with recording
  2. Magick making through breath and energy work or other form of practice to start the session
  3. Check in and Questions
  4. the most important part: The Readings. Energy read, Spirit guided, and may include the use of Runes, Tarot, and/or Oracles cards to clarify points for practical purposes. 
  5. Take away practices when applicable

Booking during normal business hours, some nights and weekend appointments available.

Please note that I'm operating in California, and although I have clients in Europe and other time zones, we are still able to work out zoom time! 

Recordings of your reading are made available after for 1 month, to download and listen. 

You must be able to download and access the ZOOM application to have this reading.