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Deposit: Reiki Master Training

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Deposit: Reiki Master Training


Deposit: Reiki Master Training

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Reiki Master Training is a journey into being. This 4-6 month process takes your reiki experiences and path to the level of shaman, priestess, and teacher. We will work in private session to discuss your healing path, journey, and destination to reveal the deeper truths of your own mastery, while you learn both traditional methods of attunement, and experiences from my own personal practice.

Timeline: 4-6 months (generally)
Deposit: 150.00
Cost: $600.00 total, payment plans available.

You will

  • Learn the empowerment process, and be able to attune and certify other Reiki healers
  • Come into deeper relationship with yourself, the Reiki, and the spirits associated with this healing path
  • Delve and discover the path of Reiki as a representative of the path, and explore the shadow of "Mastery" within yourself. 
  • Be required to commit to a daily practice around Reiki, symbols, and your existing practice; commit to living the Reiki; To Know, Will, Dare to expand into a powerful community position with integrity, honesty, and desire to contribute to the mysteries, culture, and spirit of the Reiki. 
  • Be required to experience Reiki I and II classes with others
  • Receive a Reiki Master Teacher Certification
  • Deepen your life and practice

You can start your Reiki Master Training at any time, contact me, share your experience, and have two degrees in Reiki from any tradition.