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Queer Spirit: Narcissus Flower + Gem Essence

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Queer Spirit: Narcissus Flower + Gem Essence

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Queer Spirit: Narcissus Flower + Gem Essence


A unique blend of Narcissus flower essence with Kunzite and Peacock ore Gem Essences, swirled to draw out our unique, queerness. 

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I am not this soul I think I am. I am more a quite strangeness, which hides within myself.
— Matilda Groves, Blackportmanteau

Talking with a long time friend and client, planting flowers during my home study, our dialogue opened up around the queer association that Narcissus has for folks like us. Although created for Queer folx in the summer of 2016, I found that this unique blend of flower and stone, created at dusk and beneath the stars, draws out the fantastical queer in anyone. 

Queer Spirit is an empowering piece to celebrate your unique, strange, authentic, and loving being. It teases out the Sacred Other, inviting to dress, to be, to walk and talk, that beautiful jeweled being. With strength, allure, color, and power. 

How to work with Essences:

Essences work best when we take the time to build a relationship with it. The stones and/or flowers were called into circle and I built a relationship with each for these magickal purposes. You are invited to sit with the essence and take a moment to feel and connect to the vibrational spirit in each bottle. Be aware of whatever messages or insights you may receive, without judgement, and record them.

Dosage: 1-2 drops, in the morning, up to three times a day.  These can be taken more frequently, adjust as you go, see what works for you. 

Contains: Narcissus flower essence, indirect peacock ore essence, and kunzite essence in Organic, distilled vodka from Iceland and purified water. Please be aware that essences are not a substitute for western medicine, use with caution. Does contain alcohol. Can be used topically on the wrists or over the heart. These essences are suggested for use in sacred practice and ritual. We trust in your being a responsible human being.