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Mother Smudge

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Mother Smudge


Mother Smudge


A magickal blend of organic and/or locally sourced plants to gently draw out and clear your body, mind, being and space. 

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Mother Smudge is named for the Great Goddess. Her herbs, plants and trees formulate this gentle but powerful smudge blend. Organic Mugwort, Cedar Tips, Juniper Essential Oil, Red Sage Root, Rosemary, and Rose for the Heart of Magick! 

This gentle blend can draw out mental/emotional and psychic energies and create a field of protection. It cleanses and supports the life energy flowing through you, it can aid in shielding you from unwanted attachments. 

A little bit is all you need for your personal ritual.

Mother Smudge is a powerful smoke but is not as pungent as sage leaf, and has a more animated air to it. 

How to work with Smudge:

Incenses and smudge are a blend of herbs, spices, plants, resins and sometimes essential oils. They work best in small doses (pinches) in private practice. Like essences they operate on a vibrational level, everything vibrates, as well as an olfactory one. Incense help us to shift consciousness from the mundane, to the magickal. You are invited to sit with the incense and take a moment to feel and connect to the vibrational spirit in each bottle, in addition to stating your intention in working with the blend. Be aware of whatever messages or insights you may receive, without judgement, and record them.

Usage: Please note that you may lightly burn a bit of the smudge alone, or you might want charcoal. A heat proof container is necessary to use smudge responsibly. Please use responsibly in your magickal spaces.  1-2 pinches can fill a small to medium sized room, please be sensitive that this is smoke and you may need to open a window to air the space out as needed. 

Can be used in a tea-bell as a tea. 
Can be used in water to create a wash or bath for items in a bowl, such as soaking, clearing and charging crystals and stones. (Please follow safe and sane handling instructions. 

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