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Mini-Tarot Reading

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Gem and Flower Essences. Incenses and Smudge! Readings and healings. I offer a variety of supplies for your magickal life. 

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Mini-Tarot Reading


Mini-Tarot Reading


A short but direct Tarot session where I answer a specific question in short format via photograph and PDF via email. Bring a question, get an answer.

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A short but direct Tarot session where I answer a specific question in short format via photograph and PDF via email.

One question, sent via email, and you will receive:

  • A card reading with use of one of my various Tarot and my particular clan of guides who speak through much of my writing and Daily Tarot and Wisdom Dailies.
  • A digital-photograph of that spread including images of the cards, less bells and whistles than the full readings but effective none the less.
  • A full description of what I receive via my sources via PDF, email, 1 page.
  • Average Delivery of the reading is within 24 hours* via email.
  • $25.00

*Please be mindful that I need to receive your question and your payment before I can begin a reading. At times I may not be able to do a reading in the 24 hour period. I have not had this problem but “bumps in the road” sometimes occur.