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Medicine Buddha Oil - Reiki Charged!

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Medicine Buddha Oil - Reiki Charged!

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Medicine Buddha Oil - Reiki Charged!


A powerful blend of three special ingredients, and charged with Reiki with the Great Sun Buddha, Dainichi Nyorai. 

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I radiate the boundless love through my eyes, my hands, my healing being. May all be well within, and about.
— Variation of a Buddhist Quote

This healing oil was designed to stimulate healing, health, and well being. Originally crafted during a Session, we blended Amber resin, Amla Berry, and Red Sandalwood in almond oil, and charged this blend for healing with Reiki. The act of creation called upon Dainichi Nyorai, the Great Central Buddha of esoteric Buddhism. A divinity central to my Reiki practice. 

Amber is thought to stimulate wellness and a more actively healthy vibration, and Red Sandalwood brings in another powerful health protector. Finally the Amla Berry (Indian Gooseberry) has been recorded for many health benefits, treating the three Pujas, but for me in a more Buddhist content it represents the tree of enlightenment (Theravada Buddhism).

A little goes a long way. A bit on the hands before healing self or others. A bit into your organic body products and applied to the body. Not for internal use. This oil can be used topically and suggested for use in sacred practice, ritual, self-care, massage, and especially your reiki practice.

Not for internal use, please see Terms of Service