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Magnolia Flower Essence - Ancestors and Allure (NEW)

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Magnolia Flower Essence - Ancestors and Allure (NEW)


Magnolia Flower Essence - Ancestors and Allure (NEW)


Thought to be one of the oldest flowering trees, Magnolia asks you to go deep with her essence and emerge with hidden treasures. 

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Magnolia is such a beloved flower and has so many uses! You can read about rites of passage, new life, motherhood, beauty, allure... so much about Magnolia you may be asking what it can't do. 

The species of magnolia is thought to have appeared almost 20 million years ago, before bees, and so we lovingly refer to it as the "dinosaur tree." It is the ancestress. Reading through her many uses you can see that with her ancient powers she asks you to go deep and emerge with whatever glittering colors you find. 

My personal journey with this essence began with a client request. My practice is to delve into the the primordial forest, the place of shadow where all things arise seeking the light of earth, and speak with the spirit of the tree. Magnolia brought out Ancestral Connections, specifically with the "Right" or "golden" ancestral energy that is right for you, your body, and your magickal journey at this time. 

On a surface level, equally important, it can help nurture and foster wisdom, love, and invite the loving and playfulness, the creative to emerge from within. 

How to work with Essences:

Essences work best when we take the time to build a relationship with it. The stones and/or flowers were called into circle and I built a relationship with each for these magickal purposes. You are invited to sit with the essence and take a moment to feel and connect to the vibrational spirit in each bottle. Be aware of whatever messages or insights you may receive, without judgement, and record them.

Dosage: 1-2 drops, in the morning, up to three times a day.  These can be taken more frequently, adjust as you go, see what works for you. 

Contains White Magnolia flower essence in organic, distilled vodka (Icelandic) and purified water. Please be aware that essence are not a substitute for medicine, prescribed therapy, or your medical professionals directive. Please use responsibly. Does not contain enough alcohol to intoxicate most individuals, results may vary, please use consciously. Can be used topically on the writes or over the heart for the same affect on the subtle-body. This an all essences are for use in sacred practice and ritual. We trust in your ability to be responsible for your own health choices. 

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