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Healing Requests

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Gem and Flower Essences. Incenses and Smudge! Readings and healings. I offer a variety of supplies for your magickal life. 

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Healing Requests


Healing Requests


Do you have a healing request?

This is a option "love-donation" based healing request list that I work on the New and Full Moons. Holding space for your requests I offer the full array of my energetic, spiritual, healing connections in a bi-monthly transmission.

Each request will stay in my healing space for the turning of the moon. Please consider your request, goal, issue, or intention and the timing of your request.

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Transmitting healing energy like Reiki, among many disciplines, offers a path to healing through distance treatments. If you wish to receive the bi-monthly healing transmission for personal wellness, life challenges, illness, projects, confidence, or whatever your goal is, please include:

  1. Your name, or name recipient for the work*
  2. Goal or Intention for the healing work
  3. Location (ex. San Francisco, CA)

Cost: Nothing
This is a monthly healing meditation, love-donations are welcome if you are so moved.