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AWAKEN  Incense (NEW)

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AWAKEN Incense (NEW)


AWAKEN Incense (NEW)


Awaken is a powerful copal based, community incense that can foster a lively connection to your spiritual family. 

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Many incenses take us deeper into the inner mysteries, or evoke a sense of peace, spirit, and magick for inner journey. 

Awaken does not. It is lively. Created from our original (out of stock) Tonantzin incense with a copal and corn meal base, Awaken invites conversation. In ritual or sacred spaces you can use this smoke to open up communication, to increase the frequencies of energy into a more excited state. 

This blend is not for quiet contemplation! At events, offices, or public circles you my find this smoke encourages conversation as it stimulates and holds us as a group. It is a community incense to get us to awaken to the illusion of separation, and realize the nature of our connection, predicament, and get excited about how to change it! 

How to work with Incenses:

Incenses are a blend of herbs, spices, plants, resins and sometimes essential oils. They work best in small doses (pinches) in private practice. Like essences they operate on a vibrational level, everything vibrates, as well as an olfactory one. Incense help us to shift consciousness from the mundane, to the magickal. You are invited to sit with the incense and take a moment to feel and connect to the vibrational spirit in each bottle, in addition to stating your intention in working with the blend. Be aware of whatever messages or insights you may receive, without judgement, and record them.

Usage: Please note that you will need charcoal and a heat proof burner to use this blend. Please use responsibly in your magickal spaces. 1-2 pinches can fill a small to medium sized room, please be sensitive that this is smoke and you may need to open a window to air the space out as needed. Not for internal use. 

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