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Abramelin+ Oil (NEW and on SALE)!

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Abramelin+ Oil (NEW and on SALE)!


Abramelin+ Oil (NEW and on SALE)!

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Based on the traditional blend noted for Abramelin Oil, this variations combines power plants to create an deeper and more energetic experience. 

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I love recipes I receive from occult and pagan sources and this one is an amalgamation of wisdom, like two rivers that become one.

Abramelin oil is generally thought to contain Galangal Root, Myrrh, and Cinnamon, in a base oil, and worn during ritual work to expand the magickal experience in a safe and stimulating way. Inspired by this recipe and others I did the journey work to create my own blend of magickal oil. 

This particular oil contains Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon and two power plants (cannabis and Datura) in trace amounts. It was blessed in circle on the new moon and sat for a lunar turning on my personal altar to Hekate. The Datura plant I grew myself, and cultivated 1 (that's ONE) seed for this recipe. A trusted grower provided 1 (that's ONE) sacredly cultivated bud of the cannabis plant used in this recipe. 

This is for ritual use only. It is a small step deeper into the magickal. It is like, but it is not a Witches Flying Ointment, and not as powerful as those recipes. It does however vibrate with frequencies that will take you into shadow, into the primordial energies, and to the thresholds as it was under the auspices of Hekate. It's dark, deep, and revealing. 

HOW TO WORK Abramelin+:

This oil is applied topically to the pulse points of the body. Test the soft, inner portion of the elbow to see if you have any agitation from the oil. It contains a large does of ginger and cinnamon and can cause skin irritations. People sensitive to essential oils should not wear this. People sensitive to cannabis or solanacea should not use this product. 

Small amounts, roughly what can be gotten off a q-tip or a finger by placing finger over the opening, tilting bottle over and then back to an upright position, leaving some oil on the finger. Test this out on the writs, and temples. You should experience a mild tingling that will spread. You will notice your magickal sense and experience increase over time in a very casual way. 

This is for sacred ritual use. We trust in your ability to be responsible for your own health choices. 


Not available in Tennessee, Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, or for international shipping. This is not under any circumstances, ever, for internal use, through any orifice or opening in the body. If you feel that you are having to strong of an experience wash hands immediately with soap and water. Ground, or take appropriate measures for your own self-care. 

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