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I'm really great at this! 

I practice a long learned and practiced form of divination through the Tarot and Oracle cards, stones and other natural sources, accessed through my psychic, intuitive and guided approach to bring you your "Reading." In an interactive reading session I do not "make predictions." I am not a "fortune-teller." I can accurately predict trends and energies. 

I combine my considerable experience and tools to bring insight into the questions, clues, directions, and situations in your life We can look at your "path;" the nature of your relationships, where they are at; Viability of opportunities, locations, potential jobs or other decisions; Current energetics in any of these things; and more. Additionally I offer guidance on creative visualization, meditative approaches, and other magickal / consciousness activities to grow and develop deeper insight. We can create forecasts on life and situations. 

  • Reading In person or via Zoom – $100.00, 1 - hour

 I can and do work with clients on fixed incomes and adjust my rate all the time. Please feel welcome to talk to me.

Online Readings: ZOOM or PDF

Suprise! I've upgraded my process and now offer live readings via ZOOM. We can face-to-face and still be miles apart! 
I continue to offer readings online in the format I have given in the past, via email and PDF. Please visit the store for more options.