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Massage and Reiki / Energy Therapy

Reiki is essentially assisted meditation. It provides the safe space to enter deeper dimensions of self, of soul and promotes healing through knowing, feeling, and release, in addition to the benefits of a powerful healing-Ki practice.

SCOTT K SMITH - 213.254.5302 / EMAIL

Reiki + Massage

I continue to offer safe healing spaces and compassionate touch in the form or Reiki and magickal energy practices, massage and combinations. 

This is deep energy work and compassionate touch. With over 25 years of energy work experience I channel an array of subtle practices in a concentrated treatment of practical hands-on healing in the vein of Reiki, Spirit-Work, Channeling, and/or adding safe, loving touch through massage. 

  • In Studio: $80.00 per,  additionally hourly rate at $60 oer
  • Out-calls: $100.00 per, 60 minutes ea; Dependent on location. Please contact me. I have a handful of clients who prefer to meet at their homes around Los Angeles due to public profile, and/or disability. I am able to work with most people. 

Techniques practiced

  • Deep Tissue massage in the form of  Myofascial release (MFR or MFT) techniques
  • Multi-Disciplines in Energy Work, including Reiki
  • Integrated elements of Shiatsu, point work, holds and releases
  • Swedish Massage
  • Energy Clearings, cord cutting, and removals
  • Protection practices
  • Chakra and energy balancing

Please visit my About page for more info about my education and qualifications. 

We live in a world that undervalues safe touch while hypersexualizing it at the same time. Safe touch means that you can experience solid therapy, and receive care for your body without concern about a meaning, other than your own wellness.


My healing process is a combination of modern and ancient, east and west, wellness and folk healing techniques. Massage, Reiki and Energy Therapies, and more. 

My work has included successful aid and healing for over 20 years. I have worked with people, men, women, and children on Cancer, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Pre and Post Op Surgeries and Procedure, Social Anxiety, Recovery, Goal Setting, Intention Work, and end of life passage from this life into the next. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist #40374, Health, Meditation, and Esoteric Educator in the fields of Magick, Consciousness, and Soul. More about me in the About Section.

Massage - State license/ Certificate: CA 40374 Experience: 4-10 years; Certificate of Health Education 2012 State of California, in anatomy, physiology, pathology. (2013). Member of the American Massage Therapy Association, the California Massage Therapy Council. 

This is a safe space for all women, queer, trans folk, people of color.