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You and I will draw on healing and spiritual practices, a library of experience, intuition to access deeper understanding and direction, and inquiry into your life, through the lens of your experience to create your session. 

The Consult

We get into the meat of what you want to accomplish, or unpack the many parts and figure out where your heart is in your work, life, relationship or family. 

The Work

This may include a variety of technique to fit your session, such as a professional spiritual diagnostic in the form of reading, listening, working together to establish your goal and the methods to reach it. This moves beyond Readings or Healing and Reiki and into tailoring a soul-specific set of steps that ground you more firmly in your path. This can include:

  • Healing and recovery

  • Transitions and new life path

  • Educational pieces including healing, practice, magickal instruction

  • Practical and Spiritual based goal setting

Although these are broad categories they are powerful steps. My clients include those starting new Reiki and Healing paths, those seeking to expand their experience. I have successfully helped in the successful transformation through the use of sessions, magick, ritual, healing, reading and walking with people who are leaving the life they have known their whole lives and embarking on a new spiritual adventure. 

  • Actors

  • Singer/Song-Writers

  • Artists and crafts folk

  • Line/Producers (small and large productions) in film and television

  • Psychiatrists, health field techs, nurses and clinicians

  • Writers (literature/SciFi, television, and film)

  • Shamans, Witches, Healers, Massage Therapists

  • You

Groups and individuals, mothers and fathers, families and spiritual groups, and so many more. 

the practice

Part of consulting builds into what you take away. That's the point. I operate on practice based systems of transformation,  meaning you will leave with exercises based on your skill set, combined with my direction to help magnify your goals.  Looking at your life and all the parts we design the pieces that work for you so that you can continue to grow, excel, heal, and accomplish your goals. This will include  meditation, visualization, spiritual, physical-lifestyle shifts, and may include other events such as rituals and healing. 

Allow me to be your guide and facilitator. I  hold safe space for authentic inquiry through various practices. These are designed experiences around your life, inspired from interview, spirit, and evolve as they are engaged in session, and actualize in your life-practice. 

  • In Studio: $125.00 per 90-minute; 4+ sessions booked in advance $100.00 ea.*

  • Zoom / Face Time/ Skype available as part of your session.

  • Out-calls: in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • Monthly Retainer Services are also a potential, please inquire below.

The magick

Be open to the opportunity this creates for you. Be willing to change, and transform. Learn along the way. 

let's begin

I return calls and emails in 1/2 to 1 day.  Set up your interview below, or call.

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