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Distance Reiki + Energy Healing


Distance Reiki + Energy Healing


Distance Reiki + Energy Healing

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Distance healing is a powerful way to send healing Ki (energy) to folks in far away places with loving an powerful results.

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Distance healing sessions can be requested at any time and are available to anyone.

The use of Ki, Reiki and other Ritual Healing elements are called upon from my home healing space to send powerful healing energies to you or your loved ones, furry friends, and life.

I have performed this services for decades and currently offer these treatments weekly to standing clients and distant requests. I am well prepared to send healing!

Follow up email with completion, results, impressions and any guidance are given after treatment (sometimes up to 1-day after).

I love to plan a time when you can consciously sit or lay and receive the healing energies and I will do my best to coordinate that. You will feel the flow!

Remember if you are a Patreon Subscriber at the Devotional Level, you already get 1 monthly distance/Reiki, or reading!