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I offer a non-traditional, East/West blend of meditation techniques. Core teaching around suffering, loving kindness, and inquiry through the Western Esoteric, Guided Visualization, Somatic, and self love. I teach through sitting, various posture, breathwork, ritual and sacred space creation. You and I create these sessions around the personal or group connection in this moment and create from there. 

SCOTT K SMITH - 213.254.5302 / EMAIL

Practices evolve, you can too! I teach meditation from the Ritual-Cyclical perspective of an Earth Based, Earth and Sky perspective with emphasis on personal development and connection to our lives, the earth, and one another. 

These meditations take place in simple ritualized moments and can grow organically into deeper spaces. Meditation as a contemplative practice through simple ritual can open us up creatively, nurture our emotional awareness, increase our sense of peace through connection and purpose, and more. 

I assist in meditative practice for beginners, in learning how to create a method of meditation based on various meditative branches, and more advanced meditators who are seeking deeper experience in ritual, or inner-work. I also offer one-on-one and group rates. 


  • Meditation 1-on-1 Consultation - Email for more information
  • Meditation Instruction 1-on-1 - $750.00 hour, 1 hour min.
  • Guided Visualization, Group - $30.00 hour per participant, minimum of 2 participants, prorated to $20 per person 10 or more.

What kind of meditation is right for you?

Simple meditation practice for your life? Can do in 2-3 sessions. Organic creative meditation practice, a deeper exploration of self, consciousness, or life; creating tailored rituals based on the Wheel of the Year in an Earth Based cyclical teaching is also possible. "Shamanic" techniques, drumming, chanting, toning, silent meditations, and there is so much more. 

Please contact me for more information.

Contemplative Practice in Meditation

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society writes about the branches of the tree as they have illustrated above, here:

"On the Tree of Contemplative Practices, the roots symbolize the two intentions that are the foundation of all contemplative practices. The roots of the tree encompass and transcend differences in the religious traditions from which many of the practices originated, and allow room for the inclusion of new practices that are being created in secular contexts.

The branches represent different groupings of practices. For example, Stillness Practices focus on quieting the mind and body in order to develop calmness and focus. Generative Practices may come in many different forms but share the common intent of generating thoughts and feelings, such as thoughts of devotion and compassion, rather than calming and quieting the mind. (Please note that such classifications are not definitive, and many practices could be included in more than one category.)

Because this illustration cannot possibly include all contemplative practices, we offer a free download of a blank Tree that you can customize to include your own practices. Activities not included on the tree (including those which may seem mundane, such as gardening or eating) may be understood to be contemplative practices when done with the intent of cultivating awareness and wisdom."