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Scott K Smith

Drawing on Energetic Healing Arts, and Magickal-Contemplative practices, I offer space and services to heal, help, and inform. Through classes, therapies, guidance, and Sessions that allow for us to approach change and heal wounds of separateness through ritual, safe-touch, healing energetics and intuitive arts.  

Working from collective wisdom, with love, together we cultivate powerful change, healing, connection, and emergence. 

I offer safe-spaces for healing, circle, community, meditation, education, and wellness. I am a Reiki Master Multi-Disciplined Energy Healer with decades of work, clients and practice. I am a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator, Priest and Magick Maker. I blend disciplines for health, inquiry, learning, magick! Co-Author of Reiki Level One: The Practice and Path of Reiki Energy Healing, and contributing writer in Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral, and the SoCal Pagan Press.

I offer at QUEER CARE: LA, Mostly Angels LA, and in private spaces, pop-up’s, and my studio.

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