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CANCELLED -- Earth Magick: Selenite

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CANCELLED -- Earth Magick: Selenite

  • Mostly Angels 2602 S Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90034 (map)

Please note that this series will return. We took an original inspiration and threw it out there, and after response got the inspiration to re-vision it into a more practical series. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

CANCELLED: An Earth Magick Series at Mostly Angels

In this Earth Magick series will explore the wisdom and magick we can connect with in nature through the stone, metal, and mineral kingdom. We will practice, provide energy play, vision into the stones and minerals, and meet the Deva's of these powerful allies that hold the essences of the stones, and the memory of our ancestors.

This month we will connect and dialogue with Selenite. We will create circle, call our allies, and go within to find the way into the ancient primordial forest where all things rise. A place of shadow and light, we will seek the divine intelligences of the stones we work with. We will make a relational connection with the spirit of each stone we work with.

September we will connect with Selenite

As with all stones, minerals and metals there are many volumes of work, old lore, and other bits of wisdom (and misinformation) out there on the web and in publication. Rather than bog ourselves down with loads of information from other people, we will engage the circle as magickal model to connect with the living essence of the stone. And rather than "right and wrong" answers, we will bring up our own wisdom we connect and create with the stones we work with. 

Selenite is special to me as it has a reference to the Goddess Selene, the Moon, and is one of the stones I have worked with the longest. Working within the medium of relational craft to the spirits of the animate universe, we can also begin to model this with all we do and build strong bonds with the magickal earth.

The earth is a friend, our home, some say our mother, but she is not a resource or commodity to be exploited or used. 


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