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Light Body Training

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Light Body Training

You know, or have seen the term. You may know it from the western magical traditions or the new age movement in more recent times.

I've studied the practice through Qabbalah, the Melchizedek Method, and the Awaken Your Light Body process channeled by Orin and Daben; which I am interested in presenting to you. 

It's not any one system but many. It is a series of meditations designed to activate energy centers that allow the higher self, the Watcher or Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) to be embodied, and through the centers expand consciousness, and in practical terms increase and expand upon magick/energy work by forming bridge of communion.

It is a consciousness experiment.

Starting in August I will be channeling the centers, through a process of overshadowing by a guide, and transmitting the frequencies so you too can work with these centers.

In addition I will be playing pre-recorded meditations, 86 in total, to activate the process, while teaching my method of integrating them into your existing practice.

I am offering two ways to participate.

  • 1) $50 per class. If you are called into this you can sit, listen, experience and receive the frequencies and build your own light body into your life. 
  • 2) if you want the recordings and desire to progress with them, and be recognized via the company that puts them out, and wish to own the meditations, it's $125.00 per class. Including downloads and manuals. 

Register and purchase materials here: Light body Intensive 1 - August 13th
If you are sitting in and not purchasing materials, please fill out the form at the end of the page to reserve your space.

We're looking at roughly 8-10 classes, once per month, roughly 1/2 day events, on Sundays.

I could say it is transformative, revolutionary, challenging, and there's no going back, but the key is in if you feel the draw to the work. It's not for everyone, it's deep. 

What I got out of the process was a way to become fluid in my own mind. Alternative methods of healing, connecting, out of body experiences, connection to the Hidden Company--the masters who stand between and teach us about consciousness (also known as ascended masters). And so much more.

Love. Will. Wisdom. 

Scott K Smith
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