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Self Protection and Clearing at Mostly Angeles, Los Angeles

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Self Protection and Clearing at Mostly Angeles, Los Angeles

In this class we will explore and discuss protection and clearing.

What is protection, why clearing is important, and how to affect both in your personal and professional life. You will walk away with several forms of effective, practical and simple techniques that will allow you to clear unwanted energies, and connections from your subtle body, home or working space. We will find ways to strengthen and protect your self with a daily practice, visualizations and affirmative statements... or Spells, to build and power up your protection shield around yourself, or any object or space.

What is protection and clearing? What is energy and the subtle body? How family has a back door in, and how to gently strengthen your shield to these and many other influences.

We will engage in breath-work, self-inquiry, movement, through self-inquiry, sensing energy, and daily practices to help you on your path.

We always leave room for the queer in these classes and events, expect a winding path. Bring questions!

Smoke, water, and candles will be used in this event.

Cost: $25-

Mostly Angeles
2602 Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(424) 298-8192

Mostly Angeles accessibility notes:
QTPOC embracing + Community space
Street Parking only
Bathroom on premises
No steps in store
Some smoke, no essential oils, used in class.