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Witchcraft 1: Fire - Intro to Year: what is Magick? What is Witch?

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Witchcraft 1: Fire - Intro to Year: what is Magick? What is Witch?

  • Temple Los Angeles 2632 West Avenue 35 Los Angeles, CA, 90065 United States (map)

A year and a day book study of Witchcraft

First Class: Getting inside the meaning, frequency, and ideas of Magick, Witchcraft, and History.  

We already have some dedicated folk in our circle, we're continuing to build upon that community.  

Cost: The suggested cost per class is $20. Cash, Check, Venmo, Charge. If you would like to pay in advance for all 13 meetups, you can prepay by date of class, total: $220.00, versus 20 per calls = $260.00

You do not have to attend every class, but it is suggested if you are finding that this work is the right kind of community work for you... and if you are interested in joining some of our more private circles. 


Payments you make go to the organizer, not to Meetup. You must make refund requests to the organizer.

This is not an official Temple of Witchcraft class, but is based on the Inner Temple of Witchcraft and on a large cannon of my personal spins on the material, integrated with other teachings. 

This is NOT simply reading and talking. 

(A percent of the proceeds will benefit Temple of Witchcraft continuing outreach, ministries, and education programs) as a gift from our classes and overall awesomeness).  

We will meet once a month.  
SECOND Thursday (evening) of the Month (unless holiday or other events need to change the schedule, that will be calendared). A full calender will be given quarterly. 

Online (completely private) forum. 

Consider the commitment of a year and a day learning an eclectic form of Witchcraft, Magick, and ancient ways modernly reconstructed.  

We will explore: 

  1. What is Witch? 
  2. History 
  3. Some lore 
  4. Nature of magick and the universe 
  5. Meditation 
  6. Energy Work 
  7. Building a Sacred Inner Sanctum 
  8. Altars 
  9. Daily Practice 
  10. Opening intuitive and psychic awareness 
  11. Protection and Defense 
  12. Blessing 
  13. And more...  

We will begin with a ritualized commitment
We will end that journey with a magickal empowerment.  


  • Book, Inner Temple of Witchcraft + Companion CD's (available online, details on sign up).  
  • Commitment to attendance, reading the chapters, and 
  • Committing to a daily Practice, book exercises and some of the simple rituals we have created unique to the style of magick we are practicing here in LA. 
  • Regular Journaling 

I believe in magickal spaces and I am versed in setting and holding sacred space. I believe that the group creates a magickal current within ourselves and that this can reach into the mystical, the divine, the shamanic. To learn ourselves is to lean into the the world of the Goddess and the God, the Two Who Move as One, and enter into a magickal relationship. I ran this group privately to see how it would go, we're ready to start offering it to you in the community.  

I am enrolled in the Witchcraft Training with the Temple of Witchcraft. Currently I am working in my Shamanic "Shadow" work, and plan to graduate through the ministerial program.  

Beyond the education and friendship with the Temple of Witchcraft, I am a long time self-identified Witch, healer, reader, and ritualist. I have studied a lot of things, and some really good stuff has stuck to the teeth. I like to integrate and share those bits... this is why I love the Temple of Witchcraft, because they have founded a whole teaching on mystery traditions, create links to sacred knowledge across dogmatic walls, and promote community through the Three Rays of Witchcraft: Divine Love, Divine WIll, and Divine Wisdom.  

I hope you will join me!