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GATHER: Ritual and Meditation in the Park

  • 1987 Loma Vista Drive Glendale, CA, 91208 United States (map)

The next GATHER in the park is at a lovely place right up the 2 in Glendale. We can host a bigger gathering as we are outdoors. Weather may dictate what to wear, but please feel free to dress as comfortable for an outdoor gather. 

Keep in mind that this is a PUBLIC space so we may have observers, children, families, etc. We come respectfully to the Spirit of Place. 

The Spirit of the Land, the two who move as one, and the park itself. These are magickal spaces and gatherings and open to ALL collaborative magick makers, meditators, space holders, healers, and the like who are in accord with the healing work. 

At this ‪#‎Gather‬ we are going to focus on 13 directions. Some folks do four directions, sometimes with an above, below, and between. I've been in other circles with honors done to the nine directions. I personally practice with 13 directions, for my working reasons.

At this Gather we will be doing a smoke in honor of those 13 directions including: above, below, between; the four directions of north, south, east, and west; before and behind us; to the left to the right of us; to the Mighty Dead, or “Hidden Company”; and to the gathering place in our hearts.

I have two blends for this small working. One is a smudge blend that I have developed in my training with the Shamanic Temple this year; and another one is a floral and plant blend from the Plant Spirits in our area.I find these two blends to create spaces where Spirits and I can cahoot, comune.

I am thinking about a smoke workshop, yes I’m avoiding the word “smudge”, to speak to the kinds of herbs that we can use for cleansing and clearing, as well as the magic behind those choices and intentions. This brief smoke ceremony at #Gather will be a public realm of some of that material.


You need heart and attention. A practice of meditation, ritual, and energy work is helpful but i'm experienced, as are some others in our group, with ritual and helping to guide and direct. 

Temple Los Angeles is expanding but we work with Buddhists, Catholics, Pagans, WItches, Healers, Metaphysicians, green and long in the tooth.

Please feel welcome to the work.

Sacred Objects to adorn the altar
Stones, Crystals, things that aid in your life. 
*I may add a special event item, please stay tuned via meetup or facebook pages (below)

COST: $15.00 (Venmo, Cash, Check or Square)


Ritual circle in semi-public space. Depending on weather we may want to dress warm, or cooler. 
Meditation style: Casual, 12/13 countdown, guided visualization. 
Calling the Quarters, the local spirits, and Temple Spirits.
Making of an all natural altar

The Work will be dedicated to coming into balance with the Spirit of Place, and in turn as we connect with the Wheel of Life, bring Balance to our area.

Additional details will be posted to the MEETUP and FACEBOOK pages.