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Gather: Circle in the Park

  • Chavez Ravine Road Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)

Sunday, November 8th, 12 pm - 1:30 pm
Chavez Ravine, Elysian Park, Los Angeles
Donation: $10.00

The first of many events, Gather: Circle in the Park will open to door to Temple Los Angeles events.

I have walked this park many times and done a lot of meditation and magickal workings here. I have asked the spirit of the land here for our best working spot and found a circle of trees for our meditation. 

Please be aware that this is a public park, and that people may stop and watch us. I love that. Temple Los Angeles is about bringing the sacred, through Ritual as a Contemplative Practice, and other meditative/magickal spaces and events. 

What better way to celebrate a gathering of community than in nature? Gather - Circle in the Park will be a monthly walk and sit in the park. Drawing on the Time and Tides of the season and the weather, referencing the spirit of the land where we stand, Gather will draw up the Spirits of place, the present, and all the magick that can be made of Above, Below, Between. 

We are magickal human trees, stretching between the Vault of the Great Above and the wisdom of the ancients in the Great Below. We, I call us, I call us to gather... We are Witches, Edgewalkers, Mystics, Meditators, Seekers, Magick Makers, Pagan, Christian, we are All of It. 

I call you to gather in the park with me

We will be working with the spirit of place, and aligning ourselves with the earth and sky. There will be a call to the Quarters, with the Temple of Witchcraft's four directional guardians: Stag, Crow, Horse, Snake. 

We will meditate on the Time and Tides of light and dark, life and death, to bring our bodies into alignment with the season and the land, the changing cycles. 

I am a Student of the Temple of Witchcraft, friend of the founder; I'm integrating teachings, mystery traditions, years of meditative and magickal practices into new pop up events around Los Angeles. 

Temple Los Angeles, recently founded with the County as a business--I'm working on the long term goal of Spiritual Non-Profit--is the start of many offerings to the spirits, gods, and power that is the Southern California area. 

Gather with me. 

Thank you,

Scott K Smith
Temple Los Angeles