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Wasp, Mars, Pluto: Musing the Celestial and Terrestrial


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Wasp, Mars, Pluto: Musing the Celestial and Terrestrial

Scott K Smith

Experiencing a combination of things that are highlighting celestial influences in the terrestrial world. The Mars and Pluto piece that I posted earlier, and later read about in greater depth seems to be emphasizing the following process: Breaking down via heat, combustion reveals the motivations beneath the surface.

That looks like peeling back layers to reveal the (shadow) motivations involved in situations, folx, friends, family and partnerships. Interesting.

Indeed interesting on a larger social scale, and also on the home-front. Being that I am not an Astrology major, I focus on the parts I resonate with, lean into those who make a study of astrology, and turn to my own oracular tech. magick.

What shows up for me as things peel back, is wasp. Now this is a toxic being for me as I have an allergic reaction to their sting.

I'm looking at Wasp as aggression in pursuit of ones desires, and joining that with the planetary aspects I focused in on, seeing where passion and desire may have turned to darker paths, motivations that may sting; and the fallout of those actions as the celestial and the terrestrial blend under these conditions, revealing the deeper motivations.

Interesting indeed.

Have you noticed the celestial and/or terrestrial influences around Mars (aggression, will, drive) and Pluto (death, breaking down, destroying) = revealing.

Who has shown up as a terrestrial ally in this process? Animals, plants, stones, spirits and what messages have they delivered?

How have you acted or reacted to the revelation? With true justice, or with a vengeance? How did that sit with your magick, was it ethical, or underhanded..? because we are all under the same astrological weather pattern.