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The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos


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The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos

Scott K Smith

Act on your principles, not your moods. How the ancient philosophy of Stoicism can help us smash creative blocks and do our best work. By Paul Jun

This is a piece that came up in my studies this month. And tho I am studying what looks like esoteric, occult, and magickal things that [seem to be related to] non-physical things--believe me they are deeply related to the physical because this is the most spiritual place.

What author Paul Jun does in this piece is open up older philosophies and apply them to today. Friend and Teacher brings up this piece as a reminder from these ancient, pagan, philosophers.

Acknowledge the source of emotions
Find someone you respect and stay honest with them
Recognize there is life after failure
Read purposefully, and apply your knowledge
Challenge yourself to be brutally honest

A consciousness of wrongdoing is the first step to salvation.’ This remark of Epicurus’ is to me a very good one. For a person who is not aware that he is doing anything wrong has no desire to be put right. You have to catch yourself doing it before you can reform. Some people boast about their failings: can you imagine someone who counts his faults as merits ever giving thought to their cure? So—to the best of your ability—demonstrate your own guilt, conduct inquiries of your own into all the evidence against yourself. Play the first part of prosecutor, then of judge and finally of pleader in mitigation. Be harsh with yourself at times.
— Séneca, Letters From a Stoic

Reflect on what you spend the most time on
Put the Phone away and be present = "It’s not that we live in an age of distractions, but rather an age where we are failing to teach and embrace mindful motives."
Remind yourself that time is our most precious resource

Not to live as if you had endless years ahead of you. Death overshadows you. While you’re alive and able — be good.
— Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

And, Paul Jun ends with, "The way we lead our lives and do our work must embody the principles that we practice. Less comparing, criticizing, and consuming; more creating, learning, and living."

Lovely read. check out the full musing at 99

Scott K Smith
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