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52Essays2017: On Writing Our Lives


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

52Essays2017: On Writing Our Lives

Scott K Smith

This last week a friend inspired me to participate in #52Essays2017, which she found through Vanessa Martir's webspace and significant writing presence at Digging Into Memory.

To be honest I am already in an intensive study with the Temple of Witchcraft as a ministerial program and my studies at this point are intense. Writing a second piece, one a week, seemed like an invitation to stab myself in the foot because, well, time. My client work has significantly grown in the last three months as I opened up Sessions, and there are the usual things I love about work such as Temple Los Angeles, participating in Queer Healers Los Angeles, and the various classes, events and like that I co/host. Reminding myself that I need rest, self-care especially because I am a healer for others, and time with my partner, friends, family and most importantly by dog, Trixie. 

Why add a writing challenge?

Well I was inspired by a muse. That's one thing. But I also heard a voice that reached back to a session I had with my very good friend and amazing healer, Laura Ellis, she asked me to consider doing something for the pleasure of it rather than work. 

Love versus obligation, wins, and so I am writing weekly pieces inspired by friends, Vanessa Martir, and many other via Medium. 

Again the point is that these are pieces from my life, and may not have anything to do with my work or TheSacredOther (centrally), but if you feel like following along, you can find me here:

And thank you, always, for your love and support. Thank you Stephanie for inspiring me. Thank you Vanessa Martir, who I only know through your writing, for galvanizing me and many other writers to participate in "Writing Our Lives."


Scott K Smith
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