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Sessions: Wisdom, Love, and Power Spaces with Scott K Smith


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Sessions: Wisdom, Love, and Power Spaces with Scott K Smith

Scott K Smith

I'm happy to finally say that is at a done place for the time being. Several updates, and some thing remain the same. Late last year, inspired by feedback from clients and sister magick makers, I decided to make some changes. One of them in Session.

What are Sessions?

From the page, "Sessions are powerful multi-disciplined appointments, grounded in over 20 years of energy & Reiki therapy, meditation, earth-based spirituality, western esotericism, health education, massage, and consulting.  Each session is grounded in some (or all) of that education and experience. We are curating from Spirit, self, and one another to uniquely open up healing, life-changes, and transformation."

You and I will draw on healing and spiritual practices, a library of experience, intuition to access deeper understanding and direction, and inquiry into your life, through the lens of your experience to create your session. 

We shape the experience through energetic, magickal and therapeutic means. 

Session work is modeled in three parts or stations of our time. 

  1. Wisdom: Consultation, dialogue, getting informed, inspired with your goal, what we access in reflective practice. 
  2. Love: Treatment designed around what has been inspired and that may be meditation programs, ritual, body work and/or energy therapy. 
  3. Power: Designing effective personal practice, points of contemplation, and exercises to strengthen our work. 

These magickal-healing spaces are based on three rays: Wisdom, Love, and Power. 

Sessions are designed to open up and unpack healing trauma, expanding creativity, and deepening your magick. They include body and energy therapeutics, and organically form from inquiry, synergy [between us], and the Spirits of health, inspiration, wholeness, and whatever muses you are currently working with. 

Sessions are for people who are looking for more intensive and dedicated experiences in healing, and the magickal-energetic experiences I offer. They are for people who want transformation, crafted and collaborative spaces of wisdom, love, and power.

I've dreamed up something that works. I've been inspired to blend my many skills and gifts into working sessions that allow the freedom for you to explore your Sacred Otherness and allow whomever that beautiful creature is to emerge. 

Begin Your Sacred Other Exploration

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  • Rates and more via the Sessions page
  • Multi-session discounts when booked in advance
  • Creative spaces for healing, creativity, growing magickally, expanding spiritually, physical and energetic therapies, and opening up to the Sacred Other within you.
  • QTPOC safe spaces. Allies welcome.
  • My practice is insured, I work into our space over 3-decades of magickal practices from my own journey.

Never fear if you still love massage and only massage, or you prefer your Reiki-healing sessions and readings, these are still available, as well as a small list of online readings, skype sessions, and don't forget new products in The Store

My love and deepest respect,

Scott K Smith
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