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"Just for Today..."


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"Just for Today..."

Scott K Smith

Random note of mine tucked into my journal. ~ Scott

Random note of mine tucked into my journal. ~ Scott

Notes. I tend to scribble them down on anything. I try to keep them all neatly organized in one of my black books: clients, classes, scheduling, musings and even doodles end up on scraps of paper. Later I like to go through them and put them into a digital record. 

Call me old fashioned but writing with an actual instrument, onto paper has a certain way of expressing self, or one of my Muses, that almost can't happen at a keyboard. I will acknowledge that I have a better flow, and often channel out things differently when I am sitting at a desk typing. I'm not saying one method is better than the other, but one is better (for me) to get a type of emotional feeling out, and that's pen and paper. 

This morning after meditating briefly at each altar around the home, lighting incense offerings in various places, I sat down in the Sacred Space and found this note tucked into my journal. 

Just for Today:
What am I trying to control?
What does my heart long for?
What is sitting in my throat?
How is my sleep?

I'm really not even sure where the note came from. I can't think of the meeting, and I'm sure it might have come out of that. I feel that it was birthed in a rap session with Stephanie talking about our Reiki workshops, and the Reiki Precepts, those meditative words by Dr. Mikao Usui, derived from older texts. 

I was taught them as

"Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will not anger. Just for today I will do my work honestly. I will honor my parents, elders, and teachers. Just for today I will show gratitude for all living things."

In fact, Stephanie and I have these exact words in our Reiki One manual we wrote together. 

But, this was about the discovery of a note that inspired this musing. The particular note is entitled "Just for Today," and that opened up the Reiki precepts, but it was in the lines of inquiry that the real meditation arises. 

So I am sitting with these questions, this week. I put them here for you, and your own personal inquiry. 

What am I expecting?
What do I want?
Where am I? Where is love?
Do I feel like I am enough?
How do I value you as a loving human being?
Where is the Sun? The West? The East? What is my direction?
What am I longing for?
What am I avoiding?
What can I do for my joy and fulfillment today?
What do I really want to say?

What do you?


Scott K Smith
Temple LA | TheSacredOther