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Upcoming Classes and Events


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Upcoming Classes and Events

Scott K Smith


  • The Book Study; Inner Temple of Witchcraft, began in June 2016 
  • A second level book study: Outer Temple, starts in October of 2016

JUNE 2016

06/04/2016: Holistic and Metaphysical Fair at the Center for Spiritual Living, La Crescenta. Temple-LA tent featuring Stephanie Syd Yang of, and Ambar Arias of Manzanita Potions! More via Facebook.

06/07/2016: Dark Moon / New Moon Circle with Blue Jaguar [is] Love / Los Angeles Queer Healers + Temple LA East Hollywood, CA. This event is, for the moment, an ongoing teaming between Temple LA and Blue Jaguar [is] love.

06/09/2016 (CLOSED) WITCHCRAFT 1: A Year and a Day Book Study, "Year of Fire." 
You will learn the stable base of magickal practice. 
You will explore a new world, or the same world with new eyes. 
You will love this group work.

We will explore: 
What is Witch? History and some lore; Nature of magick and the universe; Meditation; Energy Work; Building a Sacred Inner Sanctum; Altars; Daily Practice; Opening or deepening your intuitive and psychic awareness; Connection to Nature, Mother, all things; Protection and Defense; Blessings; Energy Systems; And more... Can include an initiatory experience and other Book of Shadow material in the form of ritual and discussion.

06/25/2016 GATHER, Ritual in the Park! Elysian Park. Summer Solstice influenced. 11 am - 1 pm. See event details for more information via Facebook or Meetup. 

06/26/2016: Psychic Fair with Roots for Wellness Center, Sierra Madre. 12 pm - 5 pm. Come join me and many other readers of cards and signs, energies and auras at the Roots for Wellness Center!

Roots For Wellness Center
38 E Montecito Ave
Sunday June 26th
12 pm - 5 pm

Event Page:

JULY 2016

July 9th: Reiki 1 Training with Stephanie Syd Yang and Scott K Smith, 10 am -4 pm. 
Tickets/Events Page: 

07/23/2016 GATHER, Ritual in the Park! Crescenta Valley Park. The Summer tide moves towards fall. I would love to see music in this magickal place! Bring bells, drums, bowls, and the like!
11 am - 1 pm.
See event details for more information via Facebook or Meetup. 

ONGOING 2015/2016

We now have two Closed/Ongoing - Witchcraft 1 - Study Group, as of now an unofficial Temple of Witchcraft club and circle that I am running that meets once a month for study and practice. This is a private group and it has already begun. Look for a new group in the coming year, as well as spin-off classes from some of the source material. I am creating a new list for level one students. Please sign up through the newsletter for new and evolving classes.

Stay tuned via FacebookTwitter, or in the available notes on my public calendar, or the Event's Page.