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Notes and updates on the upcoming Magick Classes: Witchcraft 1 - year of fire

Scott K Smith


From the TEMPLE-LA website.

Thank you for tuning in... This upcoming series is more than just book study, it is also part of our [circles'] process of coming together as a magickal community. It is heavily flavored with some of our own unique, local spirit, derived practices. It can become way more than just a book club. 

Breaking up the system we've had the last year, we're modeling something a bit more free-flowing for the first 6 months. Attendance to ALL the class is not required, however, if you are are serious about investing in yourself, in this process with us, then consider each one--as well as developing a daily practice out of them--as steps in the process to really learning more about you, about the Witch's Fire, about the Secret Flame,  connecting to Guides, Protection, Clearing, Meditation, building an inner temple, and more. 

Consider the first few months of class as great for discussion and getting into your own practice of magick. Topics in the first six parts of the series.

The SECOND and remaining half are for those who really dedicate to the process and gel, commit, and enjoy the group. We ask that those who are not because of lack of interest, dedication to their own process, or life events to respectfully understand that we hold space for circle and encourage the return of that energy; and so reserve the right to prune the circle at that point. Going forward from there we come together in magick making,and community building through circle.

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