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Mercury Retrograde - A bit of magick to smooth the way


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Mercury Retrograde - A bit of magick to smooth the way

Scott K Smith

The thing that happens with planetary clockwork, Mercury Retrograde is about to be upon us. It is probably one of the most written about, regular, events that leaves the casual follower of astrology quivering--and often ready to point a finger at a tiny planetary motion with blame. 

April 28 - May 22, 2016 in earth-sign Taurus

I've said it, and it's been written time and again, retrogrades are queues to look within at one's self and our thoughts and actions with respect to this, or any, mythic sky story. 

Mercury is coined as ruling communication, travel, and contracts or 'written agreements.' When a planet goes into a retrograde motion it appears to first stand still and station, and then reverse its orbital motion in relation to the earth. It is not in fact going backward but because of our different turns around the sun we note this difference in the path of the planet. 

Blame comes around during a retrograde, especially with mercury, as we seek to understand how the casual and spiritual aspects of the heavenly body and its spirit seem to govern what we say, where we go, and what we agree to. So we see miscommunication, delayed or changing plans, and question the finer points of agreements. What I usually offer is contemplating what I am saying, what I am communicating to others and myself. 

Retrograde is your moment to get into the saddle of the horse called journaling and be the introspective hermit. Discover the reason beneath message, what I really mean, and to watch my way of communicating. Check mental and emotional trigger points. What again is setting me off? Find where I can get out of a center of wanting to be right, and build bridges rather than burn them... unless of course what I feel needs to be said as my truth is in fact asking me to burn the dang bridge and walk forward into new contract, relationship, space, etc. 

There is a lot on the web about this, including a pit of plop, but checking reliable sources such as Mystic Mama, Darkstar Astrology, and Kaypacha Report; and other authors who know their astrology is a boone; and maybe sourcing your own trusted astrologer to check your chart, look at transits and see what this all means for you personally is a good idea.

What I also like to do during this time is create a simple working to help with whatever ripples and consequence that this planetary vibration may cause in this introspective time. 

Mercury Retrograde Grid

Mercury Retrograde Grid

For these Mercury Retrograde times I like to create a grid such as this. 

An orange candle to the Spirit of Mercury. Communication ruler has a color of blue but I work with the opposite color spectrum to invite the spirit into the working. This particular candle I picked up from one of my favorite local shops, The Green Man Store, in North Hollywood. 

I create a grid of stones to bring in some of the vibrations that I find helpful during this time, and some personal stones to add to the working altar that I keep up during the retrograde cycle. 

Three pieces of Blue Calcite: Three is a magick number of birth, trinities. Calcite connects to the Divine Blueprint, and in this case blue promotes calm minds and emotions between the body and souls. It can help with emotional crisis and intensity. You can also use Blue Calcite to open up the inner sight, to see past the veil of your own illusions (and opinions).

Four pieces of Unakite: With the power of four we're adding in a structure. Unakite can help to draw out difficult issues where we polarize, and it can help to draw up hidden power and support within us. It's also good to help gently release energetic blocks, in this case with communication. 

Five pieces of Pink Coral: Although you can use other pinks stones, I happened to find coral at the time of this grid. Five is represented by the five pointed star, a little Venus influence coupled with the pink ray of magick. To make magick of the situation but also to offer the soothing qualities associated with the pink ray. Coral can help with emotional healing, calming by leading us to consider our growth in relationship to peace, and stimulate the heart. 

I then added quarts at the five points of the coral, and some personal pieces that reflected my own goals and desires for an easy, enlightening ride. Quartz is a magnifying stone. 

Where I put my power is in the stones and the ask that the spirit of the planet in its most educational and beneficial work with the grid to ease communication, especially around hard issues where we polarize on topics. To bring a sense of stability in any sort of storm I may or may feel I am experiencing. And to add the soothing power of heart to any fire that  may arise. Bringing the fire to the heart, rather than the head. As Caroline Casey has said, "Let us have cool heads, and warm hearts."

I offer this to you. 

However you approach a Mercury Retrograde remember. Write, to yourself. Talk, to yourself. Ask, yourself for the message. Work a little magick. Bring fire in the head to warm the heart an speak, act, and do from this space with the auspices of the divine, maybe in the form of the Spirit of Mercury: Raphael, Mercury himself, or whatever your experience of the divine is. 

My Merc-Ret grid this go around. 

The key isn't the grid... or the ritual, but the meditation, the journaling, the understanding that brings us to the awareness behind the message coming out of us.

Mi gente, the innate beauty of our soul is always greater than any obstacle that can be put before it. Please know this.
— @wagebeauty on Twitter via T. Thorn Coyle


My best,

Scott K Smith