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Reiki II: Day two, "She Whispers In My Heart," by Rev. Mother Yeshe Rabbit


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Reiki II: Day two, "She Whispers In My Heart," by Rev. Mother Yeshe Rabbit

Scott K Smith

I don't know if I could ever sum the beauty and intensity of these workshops into words; enough words to convey the depth, joy, tears, healing, and practice that comes out of them. But I can share moments, like our opening spaces and how we begin teaching. 

On Sunday we opened with words from Yeshe Rabbit, of Caya Coven and The Sacred Well in Oakland, CA. That we began Saturday with a piece on love and intersection, on relationship, I felt drawn back to the anthology Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral, and Yeshe's words. 

Pieces of the introduction and the loving words of Goddess.

There is not a single human on the planet who was not born from the womb of a Mother. Mother is the nourishing darkness that yields life. Mother is the ground of existence. She creates bodies and galaxies from dust via the kinetic dance of her cells. I am speaking literally here, but also figuratively.

Here I pause. I know if you have read the anthology there is a lot here about the importance of men in the work, in the body, in love for Mother, for Goddess, for Her. So I pulled pieces from the writing that spoke to the group of She, and They, that were sitting before attunments. 

Whether She is Mother-as-Earth, as mom, daughter, or sister, as lover, friend, teacher, Priestess, or self...

She is the All Mother, but She is also many Mothers by name: Hekate, The Star Goddess, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Buddhas. She is all and She is one. She is vast and diverse.

Mother is often (literally and figuratively) silenced and oppressed in patriarchal societies, which represent the majority in the world at this time.

In late 2013, I was deep in meditation with the Goddess, and Her voice rang through my mind. I immediately wrote down what She said. It seemed important. Now, (approaching this anthology), I can see why it was. It is time for this work. It is time for this healing.

She whispers in my Heart.
’I am your mother.
I have always been your mother and I will always be your mother.
Every moment of you life takes place upon my body. You are of me and you are upon me. You are welcome. Even you who have demeaned me and denigrated me. Even you who have harmed and humiliated me. You are welcome.
All will be forgiven, but not forgotten. We will learn., Trust will be earned again and good will be restored. The family of humanity will march on, not in blind faith, but in thoughtfulness.
People will be people, Things will be things, and boundaries will arise and dissolve in their proper tides.
I have not forgotten you. I have not forsaken you. I have been waiting for you to come home.
— Yeshe Rabbit,

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With Love,

Scott K Smith
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