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Reiki II: Day One, "Looking in the Same Direction," by Thich Nhat Hahn


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Reiki II: Day One, "Looking in the Same Direction," by Thich Nhat Hahn

Scott K Smith

We open our spaces in changing ways, and try to speak from the voices of wisdom in our community. Saturday, day one of our two day reiki training started with Thich Nhat Hahn, read by Stephanie Syd Yang.

Someone said that to love each other is not just to sit there and look at each other, but to look in the same direction. Is this true? If we both look in the same direction, what then is the direction? Is that direction for power, fame, and wealth? That would mean that our love does not satisfy us—our love is not enough for our happiness. If that direction is is the direction of the television, then that truly is a tragedy.

In the beginning, when we first fell in love, we needed to look at each other to be happy. Now, looking at each other we are no longer happy, because we have hurt each other so many times. looking at the television is just a way of covering up the suffering and the loneliness each of us feels inside.

If the direction we are looking is the direction of our ideals, of our deepest aspirations, then what are our ideals, our aspirations? Clearly they are not fame or wealth—because those are not true ideals. And yet very often ideals that appear beautiful may conceal within them a deeper desire for fame or profit. We deceive ourselves; we deceive others. We deceive ourselves with the good, the true, the beautiful; with justice, equality, and brotherhood; with humanism or socialism.

Why do we not feel at peace just sitting and looking at each other? Looking at each other we discover the wonders of each other, and we learn to treasure each other. Looking at each other we recognize the wonders of the here and now. Looking at each other we can see each others concerns and aspirations, as well as each others fears, suffering, and loneliness. When we see and understand the pain and suffering in ourselves and in the other person, understanding and compassion in us begin to grow. These are the energies that have the power to heal and transform us. This is the secret of nourishing our love. When we look at the world, we see nothing that can survive without food. That same is true with love. However beautiful our love is, it is impermanent. We need to learn how to feed our love with the energy of understanding and compassion. Only when we know how to look deeply at each other, and how to look deeply at ourselves, we can generate these two precious energies.

When we know how to nourish our love, we can heal ourselves and heal those around us. When love grows, it naturally embraces more and more. If your love is true love, then it will continue to grow until it include all people and all species. Your love will become a river, wide enough to nourish not only you and your beloved, but the world. This is love without limits, a heart without, boundaries, and without discrimination. It is unlimited compassion, unlimited loving kindness. It brings joy to everyone. Nothing and no one is excluded from this love—that is why it is called the love of limitless inclusiveness.

Love that doesn’t grow is a love that is already beginning to die. That is why we should look at each other deeply—to help our love grow. Looking into the suffering of our beloved one, we will see the suffering of all living beings and our compassion will begin to grow. Our compassion will become as powerful as thunder, and our loving kindness will be like the rain—refreshing drops that can penetrate into the hearts of all beings. A cloud may look very gentle and soft, but it can produce powerful thunder.

True love is never weak.
Great compassion is also great courage.
— Thich Nhat Hahn, Inside The Now

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