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Small Services Update: Meditation, Reiki, Light Spaces, and a Farewell

Scott K Smith


Hello all!

Quick note. I finally got around to creating and updating a couple of pages here that detail some of the other teaching disciplines and practices that I have been offering. 

First, Services and Rates now includes:

  1. "Mom to Be" Reiki Sessions, as I've had great work with mothers and developing children while still inside mommy. 
  2. Light Spaces are back, they were to popular to fold into a regular "energy session" and offer a unique experience with high frequency "high" or "sky" energies. I can only describe these as "out of body" and capable of creating tremendous shifts in awareness. 

I also (finally) updated my meditation page. To include rates and explanations. I added

  1. Contemplative Ritual Meditation, Earth based cyclical practices
  2. Awaken Your Light body, the originating source that inspired the Light Spaces technique

A small farewell happened recently.

I've become so engaged with teaching, private sessions and writing that I felt it was time to say goodbye as a Reader at the Crystal Matrix.

I will be staying on as a teacher (Staff), continuing to drum up new exploratory learning materials, and hold space for community events. Cancer & Grief Reiki Support Group, and the monthly Community Mediations are ongoing. If you feel the pull to come and experience any of these moments with me, please do!

The group I called in earlier this year an Informal Magickal 1 (based on Inner Temple of Witchcraft) seed-group is lovely, and ongoing meditation clients are growing. I've been asked into new homes for ritual, healing and the like--not to mention having a life, partner, and a loving dog, personal quests, and down time-- all of this brought about a decision to change my schedule. Something had to give and tho I wanted to maintain it all, I could not. 

Now what to do with my Sundays..?

I hope all is well.