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September 12, Class - Divine Will: Seven Rays, Rooting the Sky

Scott K Smith

In many traditions I find an axis for our mystical experience. Whether that is through the power of myth, ala Joseph Campbell and his exploration of the World Tree or the Sacred Mountain as the spiritual center within us, or in other Shamanic or magickal practices where we link aspects of life, and our souls, together to learn and grow. For many years that has been a World Tree for me. Roots in the earth representing origins, trunk of the tree representing the body, seasons, time and tides, and the branches in the heavens representing the higher soul, or divinity of above. 

I'm doing a lot of up and down that mythical world tree lately, and I'm happy to put this new material on the table. Working with Divine Will from my perspective is drawing upon the light and sky energies that are accessed from the upper branches of the World Tree, where our Higher Self or "Watcher" soul resides. 

 This one, day-long intensive will explore the theosophical roots of the Seven Rays and Seven Masters, make connections to specific practical and magickal correspondences, and provide us with a energetic experience that will build upon itself to not only connect and access these higher frequencies of energy, but ground them with tools from the Seven aspects of the soul. 

Divine Will: Seven Rays, Rooting the Sky

Image Credit & Copyright: VegaStar Carpentier

Image Credit & Copyright: VegaStar Carpentier

Based upon the Theosophical teachings of Madam Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and the channeled works of Sanaya Roman, this Divine Will intensive will draw upon qualities and frequencies of the Higher Self. 

What is Divine Will?

We will explore Seven Qualities of Divine Will. We will create a deeper connection and explore seven qualities of Divine Will, or the Wisdom of the Higher Self.  From the Oneness connection that our Higher Soul is connected, we will study qualities of the Seven Rays, Seven Masters, Seven Chakra's and the original Seven Planetary bodies including stones, herbs, colors and other correspondences to help ground aspects of the Divine Will.

Class will consist of:

  1. Introduction to Theosophy, Seven Masters and the Seven Rays. 
  2. Divine Will, preparing for the Rays: Merging with the Watcher, the Soul.
  3. Connecting to Divine Will, blending with our souls and connecting to the Seven Master energies, the Seven Great Ones.
  4. The Will to Initiate: Awaken new consciousness, and transmitting that will into all areas of your life. 
  5. The Will to Unify: Developing Vision, grounding and uniting with our Soul's energy to experience a moment to moment groundedness of these energies with connection. 
  6. The Will to Evolve: Becoming Wise. Opening up to Soul's Wisdom and perspective to make new choices and actions. 
  7. The Will to Harmonize: Deepening Intuition. Tapping into Harmony in times of conflict, or in personal life to create stability and balance through integration. 
  8. The Will to Act: Achieving Liberation. Using our connection to the Universal Mind to ACT with Soul. 
  9. The Will to Cause: Embodying High Ideals. Coming into our plans or thoughts and finding the underlying motivational forces, and learning to shift them with Divine Will.
  10. The Will to Express: Creating Divinity in Form. Creating from a Soul-Centered light. 
  11. Manifesting with Divine Will: Working the Seven Rays into Divine Manifesting. 
  12. Creating ideal or new relationships 
  13. Transmitting Divine Will
  14. Grounding and practical exploration of these Higher Frequencies

When: September 12, 2015.
Time: 11 am - 6 pm
Location: Private Residence
Non-Refundable Deposit: $50.00
Cost: $150.00; or $225.00 with downloadable material; or $250.00 with class, teaching, and CD companion materials sent direct from

Facebook Event Page:

I have space for 7-10 people. Please contact me below, I will send you a link to make the class deposit to reserve your space. 

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For more information on the course we will be using in part, which you can purchase (optional), can be found here: "Transforming your Life with Divine Will." More about the Qualities of the Seven Rays of Divine Will. 

I hope to see you there!

Scott K Smith