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Tarot Decan 08/12 - 08/22: "Courage. Right Attunement."

Scott K Smith

"Through right attunement to our own strengths, you can easily rise above those things which appear to be limitations." - P. Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit, pg. 93

The card says courage. I'm moving out of mediation today in the Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft journey I have embarked upon again, and looking at 2 1/2 months of solid morning smudge rituals. I'm reviewing journals of mediations, journey's inside myself, outside myself into the magickal-terrestrial world. I am measuring ritual, classes that I have taught, and those that I am learning from, and all the various exercises into a metaphysical experience so much deeper than I have experienced before. 

Practice takes you deeper. Conviction to enter a place where I can stand before myself, my allies in circle and say that I am ready to be quiet and listen, that I am ready to be open and receive. 

Power is an interesting concept. I mean if you think about it. Generally what do you feel it means?

Since moving into 2015 which I call the Year of Strength, the concepts of power and love, and true wisdom have been been moving in close circles around me. What is power? Is it wealth or what status or collateral can give me access to? Is it control of resources, media and propaganda? As I've grown into a deeper spiritual practice with myself and the powers of the world as I perceive them, power has come to mean collective responsibility and conjoined works. Specifically those that are wise from the heart-space, and powerful in collaborative action. 

We are not in this life alone, we are here in this together, only some of us are fooled, or convincing others, into believing that it is every man for himself. This is the kind of power that is degrading. 

I am experiencing a personal transcendence in relationship to power, and this kind of shift requires certain components. For me these components are (1) personal commitment to see beyond the illusion of belief that has been imprinted or imposed upon me, and finding the right personal spiritual-mechanic to make change happen; and knowing that change is not just the physical and social forces around me, but through the light within me. 

That light within me is awareness, intelligence, heart. It is consciousness. As my sister-friend and fellow magick maker Ambar posted to her social media today, "Each and every one of you is capable of changing the world simply by doing. I hold the power. You hold the power." The practice of awareness requires a meditative practice. And despite what some people would like to profess--because I've yet to see any solid shift happen for them--practice requires commitment, that creates change. Personal commitment to get up, take your position, find the rhythm and train, even tho it may not be comfortable for feel like it's going anywhere (because that's probably ego), until you see beyond the current perspective. 

Thus, "shift."

The second component I see as part of the process is the willingness to get up and say or do something about it. Change requires action. "Spirit" is not going to do it for you. Magick is not going to do it for you. Nothing is going to do it for you. Magick, practice, mediation as part of the process is making the snowball you want to roll, but you still have to get up, walk to the top of the mountain and get the little guy rolling. This is where the decan we have just entered comes into play. Courage or the Seven of Wands is about grabbing hold of the kites string and learning how to fly it. Observing the wind (mind), feeling the tug and loosening of the string (water), observing the flight (fire), and experiencing it through action (earth). 

Look at it this way, " every direction you create the conditions, and therefore the reality, of your life." And it's collaborative crafting here, communal living, and so you are responsible not just for the action or thought, but the result of that action or thought, and the social/communal animal of that creation, all of which require personal mobility. 

Which brings me to the essence of this 10-day Tarot Decan, have the courage to be upwardly mobile about the personal and social changes you would like to see in the world. First see them in yourself, and then know that the only way to make these visions manifest is to have the courage to get up and do something about it. 

Take the snowball. Walk to the top of the mountain, and get it rolling. 


Scott K Smith