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Tarot Decan July 22 - August 1: Be the change

Scott K Smith

I've been posting some musings via Instagram this month. As many of you may know this is a long time practice which I started sometime in 2005. Posting daily meditations, when I can, became a bit of a job and so this year I cut back on the practice so that I could integrate more time for writing, art, and family. The thing is that I found a lot of relevant connections in readings and healings, the Tarot is the Lense of the Soul after all, and decided to start to share some of those meditations again. 

I share the majority of these musings via Instagram, however some of them are just too long, too big, for that media space. I also think that some of the readings deserve a special spotlight. 

This year, thanks to a good friend's husband, I began to integrate Decans of the zodiac through the lense of the Tarot. I can't wrap my head around it logically so I am using a chart as a guiding post for when the decans change and referring to my sources for the relevant keys and artistic pullings.

Today's Reading: Seven of Earth "The Garden" + Sowilo
Decan: Five of Wands, Leo

Seven of earth (Saturn in Taurus) appears. Also noting "Five of Wands" as the next decan in the procession of the Tarot and Zodiac. Five of wands "Struggle," notes (Saturn in Leo) suggests to us that the struggle we are experiencing is an externalization of something that is happening within us as individuals and as a social collective. This is a theme through August 1. "The System is in question." Looking at previous musings, the question was very Clash, "Should I stay or should I go now?" and that is answered in the formulation of vibrations as they coalesce in the Wands, there is no cooling these flames, things indeed must change. The Seven of Earth is a card shadowed by Geburah, the universal sphere of destruction on the mystical tree of life. The energy is bringing combustion to our issues breaking down and asking, of all this that you are holding onto what one thing left needs go to the flame? 

This is also an interesting pull with so much social injustice and questioning of the system, politicians, and motivations of people and institutions around the environment and social equality issues such as Gay Marriage and #BlackLivesMatter. 

I put this in the lense of adding things to a sacred flame as sacrifice, and to the heart's flame as loving action that is necessary for ourselves in these days. 

Take notes, add them to the sacred fire, but beware! The Energy is on your side for catalytic change in the flames! What you add to the fire my go up with such a light and smoke. This is the quest to release your spirit from the bondage of convention, or social structure, or familiar agreements, or privilege, or oppressive power structures that are burning you from the inside out because deep within you know you cannot naturally be held down! 

Heed the inner fire, honor it with an external flame. Make sacred ritual, make mythic acts, live them, make change with love. 

The daily card (July 22, 2015) then is the Seven of Earth, and so called the Garden in the Tarot of the Spirit. Pamela Eakins asks, "What do you consider success and failure? [Failure] does not mean regression, it means that there is a better, more rewarding, path for you to take. Make your choices according to the most deepest directives of your heart." The point of this card is that you my dear, must manifest the world you imagine in your spirit, in accordance with Will (there's that capital 'W' which indicates personal will in accord with divine or spiritual Will), on THIS plane. If "the Earth is our Garden, we must preserver, if not enhance, Her beauty." Sowilo, the rune I toss onto the altar today brings your heart into alignment with the Sun, and your light in alignment with the logos of the earth and let the whirling of energies begin, Sowilo is the Will of Victory, the nurturing of Her beauty. This is an expression of the Soul in alignment with the higher self, through the vehicle of the body. Guided into action.

Musing on aligning souls, lower and higher through the body and mind. They burn bright as a signal for action. Today I make my actions in accord with the Earth as a Garden, and my manifest as an act of Art in this reality. Today I create change through love, know love does not always look like "pretty" and sometimes she has another face; and so the quest is in the creative fire, first sacrificing, and then with ashes on fingers, painting new pathways that the heart yearns to explore. 

My love, my best and most creative,

Scott K Smith