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Upgrade + Updates July - Scott K Smith

Scott K Smith

So... here we are. The website is all updated and I'm really happy with it. I had to sacrifice some old posts, but I've archived those in case I need them. I'm on the flip-side of one of the smoothest and easiest website upgrades I've ever had and I can't thank friends who recommended squarespace enough. 

I hope that the online reading and shopping experience has improved and that everyone gets what they need, including me, a sleeker more direct experience.

By-The-By I added a 1-question, 1-card mini, mini-reading. 


The Update i wanted to bring to you was brought about through a few clients. I guess in the migration from one site to the next, or some communication issue, there were a few missed events. 

Ongoing 2015

  • Reiki Clinic Usui style, Reiki healing clinic. 12:00-3:00 pm, June 7th 2015 at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. I participate in this clinic as a practitioner. 
  • Closed/Ongoing - Witchcraft 1 - Book Club / Study Group, as of now an unofficial Temple of Witchcraft club and circle that I am running that meets once a month for study and practice. This is a private group and it has already begun. Look for a new group in the coming year, as well as spin-off classes from some of the source material.
  • Monthly Reiki Cancer Support Group. Also an ongoing, monthly event on the second Wednesday of the Month. 7:30-8:30 pm at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. For people who have cancer, people who support or take care of those with cancer, and those who have lost someone to cancer. $10. $20. or $30 dollars sliding-scale.
  • Community Meditation - "The Essence of Strength" is our theme this month but the monthly meditation is also an ongoing space of exploration. We focus on a Western Esoteric tradition of meditation with Witchcraft, Theosophical, and Occult influenced space that evolves into a guided-to-free-form experience. This is not Eastern. 

I'm reworking more Reiki Material. I'm in two different training programs from the Temple of Witchcraft and with Orin & Daben, Shamanic Witchcraft and Light Body Teacher Training, respectively. I will bring something to the table for you from both of these empowerments. 

On the Creative Front...

I have been invited into a little collective or creative Leo's to produce a show with a local, fabulous, creative and friend. I have no details yet, except to say that I will be bringing art, image, and word from the last few years of life-work, with some emphasis on the soul's journey and the world below, the shamanic experience

No dates, no time-frame, just an invitation, canvass, sketchbooks, and a digital camera to snap and pin what calls to me. Stay tuned for that one. 

Lastly, the newsletter is coming in August, my birthday month! Insights, deals, and subscriber only content via Mailchimp. 

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