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On Creativity as the Art Necessary for Living


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On Creativity as the Art Necessary for Living

Scott K Smith

These are the backsides of the Gratitude deck I made with Stephanie Syd Yang and friends at The Crystal Matrix, last week.

These are the backsides of the Gratitude deck I made with Stephanie Syd Yang and friends at The Crystal Matrix, last week.

I've been inspired to try and post things in themes for certain weeks. This week is about Magick. I also included health, and other topics and committed them to calendar so I would remember to post related content.

I want to put on your altar of sacred that magick is an art of the creative, and as human beings we have one act that can be no closer to the great spirit than our ability to create life: Art, children, innovation, inspiration... we stand between the heavens and the great below, like trees with the ability to bridge what is dark with what is light and create life.

This may take the form of service, or acts of real creativity in our highest and lowest moments. We have the gift of creativity, and nothing can be closer to our divinity than to make Art out of life's experiences.

When I think about my challenges this week, I will pull on my creativity, I will open to inspiration, and create something beautiful.

Where does your creativity manifest? We all have it, may be it comes in with you family, or storytelling, or in dispute or problem solving. Maybe it comes through in your gifts, and maybe... even in your problems. Moments to act as catalysts and act from creative spaces. Holiday's are challenging especially because of consumerism, and often family, I look at hard moments as earth that needs water--feeling, compassion, heArt--to soften the hardness into something more malleable.

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
― Pablo Picasso, Pablo Picasso: Metamorphoses of the Human Form : Graphic Works, 1895-1972

What can we create? From what space? I feel that creativity is the Art necessary for living. 

Meditate on this with me. Energy follows attention.

Thank you for following along. Special thanks for joining in with me. We need more creative answers, more inspired choices, and more open hearts and minds to be malleable to the art within each of us. 

Scott K Smith

PS: oh and in case you didn't know, is officially, official, up and active.