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Updates on Products and Projects

Scott K Smith

Hi all. 

It's hard to believe that it has been less than two months since I opened Temple Los Angeles. My heart to those friends, family members, clients and the community who supported the first event. 

I'm spending the remainder of my 2015 year on a few things.

Incense and oils

I'm uploading the remainder of the magickally blended incenses to the products page, including the remaining Medicine Buddha oil. Note on that one, it's a subtle scent but I designed it for medicinal use, not as a fragrance. I expect that new products will be live by the 1st week of January, 2016. 

Classes and Events

Gather has gone strong! I love it. Much better turn out than past indoor events. I am looking at January 17th as the Next Gather with Temple Los Angeles. Details will NOT be posted on the web as far as location goes. ALthough I will have an events page and some details, I would like to keep these outdoor events a little further from the internet web than they have been, and a little more on the Magickal web. Seems fitting. 

New event will be posted on the Temple Los Angeles page, details and location are by RSVP only. A mirror page will be on facebook. 

I am looking for the following. 

  1. Community spaces indoor and out. Less restrictions, more pagan and witch/magickal friendly spaces. (They don't have to BE magickal traditional places, I like all spiritual venues). 
  2. Home spaces where we can have indoor and outdoor events in the East Side, North East Side, Downtown, Silverlake, Echo Park, and East LA areas.
  3. I have a LOT of new material, Temple material, and old but great stuff. I need democratic business owners and space holders, community based spaces. I am avoiding princesses, prima-donnas, and dictators. *wink*

When I say I have a lot, I mean I have oodles of new stuff not offered in LA. Be mindful that I set up and take down my own ritual space, call in and work the energies of Temple Los Angeles, and by a large degree the Temple of Witchcraft magickal allies. This is the blend of my practice.

  • The Book Study; Inner Temple of Witchcraft, will begin again in June. 
  • A second level book study: Outer Temple, starts in July or August. 

Projects: Creative and Writing

I'm in the midst of a 13 Days of Yule, ritualized contemplative practice of drawing in the energies for the year to come. You can find that here at

I have one or two other projects in "the works," meaning that I have to come up with sketches and designs, campaigns, support, interviews and such and that's a lot of work... just not a lot of words for you at this time. Look for a collaboration with some awesome pagans, witches, and artists, magick makers old and new. 

Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE. Heraklion Archaeological Museum


Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral
Men in ritual, community and Service to the Goddess

A friendly reminder that this anthology is coming out this year, 2016! I find myself humbly among some great names, and illuminated authors, Queer Spirits, and other illuminated in service to the Goddess. It's a small thing I bring to the anthology, and I mean that in a sense of preciousness, from my heart to yours. 

Stay tuned, here. 

By Love, Will and Wisdom; Be Loving, Be Magickal, Be Wise. 

Scott K Smith