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Hear the Words of All You Encounter - Tarot Decan Dec. 13 - 21, 2015


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Hear the Words of All You Encounter - Tarot Decan Dec. 13 - 21, 2015

Scott K Smith

Welcome back friends. 

It is an interesting thing how an inspiration and the reality "on the ground" can be such different things. When I find myself at odds with my life I am looking for that moment when I realize that I need to stop and listen.  You know those days where everything seems to go sideways? They don't just happen, at least not in my experience. Going sideways is a direct revelatory experience of my own fallibility, which allows for me to pause and reconsider. 

Consider has an interesting etymology. It comes to me "taking the long view" or to "dwell upon all sides," of a thing. I reach back into the older meaning and pet the Roman meaning, "to observe through the stars." (from com- "with" + sidus (genitive sideris) "constellation" (see sidereal).

This is essentially what Saturn in Sagittarius, also known as Ten of Wands in the Tarot entices us to adopt. The Tarot Decan for the period of December 13 through the 21, 2015 asks for creativity. And what greater spiritual act in life than to be creative?! 

The obstacle to the creative can appear to be a lack of peak experiences. The need to take care of the necessary tasks, and do the hard things that seem to lack the luster of creative ideals. The Ten of /Wands/Rods/Fire teaches us to take the weight of the material world and use our rays of Love, Wisdom, and Will to the matter at hand to apply what is high to what is low. 

The magick of the Ten here is recognizing that not every experience is going to be a high, it cannot be. It is understanding that our highest points inspire us for The Work of our lives which takes place back here on earth, feet on the ground. Artistry comes into play as a single, or series of, acts that resonate with our inspired connection to the Goddess, God, Great Spirit... whatever your "greater whole" is. 

You cannot be in the world without believing in something, even if you don’t call it a deity. So there are people who believe in working hard and striving for their best, but don’t necessarily have a religious belief.
— Oprah

Meditating with this today, thinking about a new client meeting and  how much reflection we had on life, I really felt the tug in the following words; Words that act as operatives to connect the meaning of the Ten of Wands to the current, life, events of now personally, and on the bigger scale. "It is wise to hear the words of all you encounter, as teachers during this time."

I want to position myself in this so that for (at least) ten days I am open to being a part of the great spectrum of life by acknowledging my teacher in all people and beings I meet. 

Keywords: Consideration, awareness, density, inspiration, teachers, Gasho. 

Affirmation, "With love and care I see through all projections to the heart of you. I see the hidden light in all things and it is Loving, Divine, Wise , and compassionate. Life is teaching me in this present moment, I am receiving. I see this Love, Will, and Wisdom in you. I see Love, Will, and Wisdom in all beings."

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