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On Mourning and Insights -- Tarot Decan 11/13-22


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On Mourning and Insights -- Tarot Decan 11/13-22

Scott K Smith

Welcome back. 

Continuing with the Tarot Decans as a study, and points of meditation we come to the Seven of Cups, Venus and Scorpio. Coined insight in the Tarot of the Spirit, and Mourning by John Matthews in the WildWood Tarot. 

Where we gathered around trust and contemplative points on faith and reunion, and that had special significance for us as a larger community with recent events of late, we now move into a space that matches the waning light and honors the tide of darkness. It is not for us to stare in empty reflection at the void, but to suss out the spirit of insight in that seemingly empty space within our souls and summon into emptiness: Comfort, light, warmth, solace, gathering our inner space and drawing light into deep chasms. 

During this time we may be experiencing a sense of loss, loneliness, or a feeling of having a hole in our being. It is through the aperture of the wound, the loss, or the emptiness that I can frame the space where summoned spirits of creative fire and divine love can enter. 

Keynote: Contemplation of my perception, of "the whole of things." Sinking beneath the surface of the expected. Taking the alley rather than the street, the trail rather than the road. There is room for more love, more interest, and more depth within me, and about me. 

Wherever we find ourselves now, however we are framing the world and events; whether that is big or little, it is a good time to get still and take disruption as creative energy for the mind, and the silence as meditative gold for the soul. Where we are mourning loss, we honor those who have passed from body to memory, and in memory they live on through us. Empty spaces within our hearts open, to be filled by those who have gone away. 

Insights come from absence. 

The Tarot Decans continue in my newsletter, 30 days of meditation in 10 day segments suggested to you as points of contemplation, free. 

If you are interested in learning to meditate, I have a variety of practices that I lean into heavily, and I'm pretty darn affordable.